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Gaiters are worn to protect shins from vines, thorns and branches that might be encountered in the forest. We carry gaiters from three makers, VJ, Treklite, and Vapro. Each company makes their different size gaiters with a consistent width to length ratio, so size is determined by length, which should match the distance from below the kneecap to the top of the foot. The VJ gaiters are a bit narrower than the Treklites. The VJ and Treklite models have a zipper in the back, and have elastic fabric on the back to provide a snug fit. The zipper opens at the bottom to make it easier to put the gaiters on, but that may not be wide enough to put them on with shoes on.


VJ Pro Tech gaiters from Finland provide moderate protection that is adequate for most US venues, using a wide protective pad with a waffle-like appearance. They have a tab at the bottom with two holes through which the shoelaces can be tied, to keep the bottom of the gaiter down. The lengths of the VJ gaiters are:

UNFORTUNATELY, VJ has stopped producing gaiters, and we only XS and XL left

   X Small: 12.5"
   X Large: 17"

They are available in black only, and have a zipper: Pro Tech Cat# 301 $34.00/$33.00


Treklite Thornzip gaiters from North Carolina have a long tab at the bottom with Velcro that fastens around the bottom of the shoelaces. They have a thick layer of foam padding in an open pocket, so that it can be removed for washing the fabric, which will help preserve the gaiters. They provide more protection than the VJ's, but they are warmer. The lengths of the Treklite gaiters are:

   Small: 10" - 12"
   Medium: 12" - 14"
   Large: 14" - 17"

They have a zipper, and are available in yellow, red, green, blue, and black. Thornzip Cat# 311 $34.00/$33.00


Vapro gaiters from Sweden are similar in weight to VJ gaiters, and do not have a zipper, but more stretchable fabric allows them to fit over your feet. They have a stirrup that goes around the foot rather than a means of tying the bottom to your shoelaces. They come only in black. The lengths of the Vapro gaiters are:

   XX Small: 10.5" - 11"
   X Small: 11" - 11.5"
   Small: 11.5" - 12.5"
   Medium: 12" - 14"
   Large: 13" - 15"
   X Large: 14 - 16"

Vapro gaiters Cat# 321 $31.00/$30.00



Oland O-socks are produced in Bulgaria, and we have them in black, blue, and red. They have a small O-flag at the top, and the word "Orienteering" on the side. Sizes are given by European shoe size

   Small: 36-39
   Medium: 39-41
   Large: 41-43
   X Large: 43-46

Oland O-Socks Cat# 351 $10.25/$10.00



Oland pants from Bulgaria come in black and navy. Light, rip-resistant fabric. They are designed to extend to just below the knee, not to the foot. Sizes are approximate; length is given from the waist not the inseam.


Oland O-Pants Cat# 361 $31.00/$30.00

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