NEW! The Stephen Stagg Series written and illustrated by Betsy Giese. Books aimed at children about an orienteering deer named Stephen Stagg. With wonderful color illustrations, the stories are in poetry, and each book includes puzzles at the end about the story, including (slightly) hidden objects in the illustrations that are fun to find. Also, the characters in the books have names that suggest they refer to orienteers you might know.

Stephen Stagg: The first in the series, with Stephen's adventures on an orienteering course. 30 pages. Cat# 50GIESS $20.00/$19.50
Billy Goat: Centered around the famous Billygoat Run, an orienteering race that is longer than usual, and has some different rules, such as being allowed to skip one control, and to follow other orienteers. The characters in the book, except for Stephen, are all goats, and have the usual suggestive names. 34 pages Cat# GIEBG $20.00/$19.50
The COVID Paper Chase: In this special edition, instead of hunting controls, Stephen is hunting "TP", visiting all the other animals in his forest to see if they have any. 26 pages Cat# GIECV $20.00/$19.50

For Those Wanting to Learn or to Improve Skills, and for teachers & Instructors

Discovering Orienteering by Charles Ferguson and Robert Turbyfill. A new book, written by two long-term American orienteers. The first half of the book is a sweeping narrative about the nuts and bolts of orienteering, while the second half presents many exercises for improving skills. Cat# 50FERDIS $30.00/$29.00

Start Orienteering Series, by Carol McNeil and Tom Renfrew. This acclaimed series of books is full of fun, yet practical exercises for both the classroom and the playground. Activities are organized by age groups. (Scotland, 1989-91, 16 pp each).

Start Orienteering (6-8 year-olds). Cat# 50MCNSTA1 $11.50/$11.00
Start Orienteering (8-9 year-olds). Cat# 50MCNSTA2 $11.50/$11.00
Start Orienteering (9-10 year-olds). Cat# 50MCNSTA3 $11.50/$11.00
Start Orienteering (10-12 year-olds). Cat# 50MCNSTA/4 $11.50/$11.00
Start Orienteering (games book:7-12 years). Cat# 50MCNSTA6 $11.50/$11.00

Coaching Orienteering, by Mary Jo Childs, a sports physiologist, published by the US Orienteering Federation. A guide for instructors and coaches. Covering all aspects of both teaching and coaching O. Sample instruction sessions; physical conditioning and nutrition, injury prevention and treatment; map and compass skills; how to motivate and support athletes; 63 1-page exercises. 164 pp. Cat# 50CHICOA $15.50/$15.00


The games listed here are intended as simple introductions to the actions, symbols, and terminology of orienteering. As such, if you are ordering only from these items, you may order up to 3 different games, and pay shipping of only $2.00 per game per order. One game would cost the price plus $2.00, two would be the prices plus $4.00, etc. For orders of four or more of these items, or combining these items with other items from the catalog, use normal shipping charges.

Beginners' Compass Game: Designed to aid the accuracy in setting and following compass bearings. 90 different navigational patterns included. Cat# 51000 $2.50

Intermediate Compass Game: Combines the skills of following compass bearings and pacing a given distance. Includes 24 different course patterns, directions, and answer key. With distances in meters - Cat# 51001M $2.50

Map Symbol Relay Game: Provides a means of teaching map symbols in an interesting way. The game can be organized to be either competitive or non-competitive. Cat# 51002 $2.50


Orienteering-Parts 1 & 2, The First Steps, and Parts 3 & 4, Going For It. VHS or DVD. This video was designed to help teachers and leaders, but especially their students, through the early stages of the sport of orienteering. Part 1 is based on school grounds and here we learn what a map is, and how it relates to the ground. Then with the legend explained, and the map 'set', participants sample a short course. Part 2 is based in the forest, where participants are introduced to actual orienteering conditions, using map features and 'handrails'. The importance of 'keeping contact' with the map is stressed. Part 3 introduces more advanced techniques, and Part 4 discusses more serious training, both technical and physical. Cat# 52001 $40.25/$39.00


IOF map symbol and control descriptions: Color chart of IOF standard map symbols on one side, with IOF control descriptions illustrated on the back.
    Sheet (approx. 6.5" x 11") Cat# 53010 $.75

Orienteering Maps: Assorted orienteering maps, useful for practicing map reading. Some have courses overprinted, some have routes overprinted, and some have no overprinting:
    Small maps Cat# 53050 $0.50
    Large maps Cat# 53070 $1.00

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