NOTE: Our latest shipment of VJ shoes came in, like many products now, at higher prices and shipping costs. The shoes that were already in our inventory will not change price, but the new ones will be a bit higher. We will update the web site soon with the new prices.

NOTE: We offer approximately a 3% discount for cash. Prices are shown in the format: CREDIT PRICE/CASH PRICE.

BOS features VJ shoes, made by M-Shoe Makers OY of Finland, Inov-8 shoes from the UK, and Icebug shoes, made by Icebug AB of Sweden. Jalas shoes, made by Urho Viljanmaa OY of Finland, have been discontinued, but we still have a few; see our SHOE DEALS page for them

POSTAGE: Postage for a single pair of shoes is $12.50, if they do not fit, a second pair will be sent postage-free.

SIZING: Sizes are given in UK sizes; to convert to US men's sizes add 1.0, to convert to US women's sizes add 2.5. Where Men's and Women's shoes are listed separately, it only refers to the shape of the shoes: Women's shoes are generally made with a narrower heel. If the description refers to an item as "shoes", it means no metal studs.



FEATURES: Unless noted, all models have an aggressive cleat pattern, and some models are also available with metal carbide studs molded into the cleats. They are made completely of synthetic materials, so, when they get wet, they do not soak up a lot of water, and they stretch very little. Some shoes are described as having "special lacing", which means some eyelets are replaced with fabric loops which allow the lace tension to even out.

The VJ shoes listed below are made on a straight last. The Integrator is equivalent to a US men's "C" width, while the others have a "C" width in the heel and a "D" width in the front. VJ makes other models that we do not usually keep in stock.

The older shoes are obviously available in only a few sizes. Check our SHOE DEALS for some of them.

FALCON: Durable shoe with specially tough material covering the side of the shoe between the arch and the heel, an area that is prone to damage.

   2010 model: Yellow and black, special lacing. Currently only made with studs, but we have a few pair of shoes left: Shoes Cat# 416 $101.00/$98.00 Studs Cat# 417 $110.25/$107.00

   2016 model: Black and yellow, special lacing. Available only with studs Cat# 418 $136.00/$132.00



2016 Falcon


INTEGRATOR: Similar to the Falcon, but made on a narrower last, and has a stiffer midsole.

   2010 model: Silver, black and green, special lacing: Shoes Cat# 428 $101.00/$98.00, Studs Cat# 429 $110.25/$110.00

   2016 model: Black and green, special lacing: Available only with studs Cat# 429 $136.00/$132.00

2016 Integrator


HIGHTOP studs NEW MODEL Built on the Integrator last, with a high collar and an "Active Ankle" type brace Cat# 430 $160.00/$155.00

High Top


2013 High Top

STICKY: A lightweight, flexible, non-studded shoe. Shoes Cat# 451 $87.75/85.00

IROCK: VJ's new non-studded shoe, tougher and more durable. Worn by many orienteers who prefer a non-studded shoe, also favored by many obstacle course racers. Shoes Cat# 452 $132.00/$128.00



2016 Irock

XTRM: An extremely durable unstudded shoe, designed for very rocky terrain, ideally suited for sky running. Shoes Cat# 453 $160.00/$155.00


Jalas no longer produces orienteering shoes. The stock we have remaining is listed on our SHOE DEALS page.


SPIRIT: Icebug's studded O-shoe. They are made on a women's last for UK sizes 3.0 - 8.0 (US women's sizes 5.5 - 10.5), and on a men's last for UK sizes 6.0 - 12.0 (US men's sizes 7.0 - 13.0).

We have only a few pair of the original Spirit; they are listed on our SHOE DEALS page.

The newer versions of the Spirit all represent an upgrade from the original, mainly in a more durable upper fabric, but show only small differences (such as color) from each other. They are:
   SPIRIT 2: Men's Cat# 462, Women's Cat# 463: $118.50/$115.00
   SPIRIT 4: Men's Cat# 464, Women's Cat# 465: $129.00/$125.00
   SPIRIT 5: Men's Cat# 466, Women's Cat# 467: $139.00/$135.00
   SPIRIT 7: Men's Cat# 468, Women's Cat# 469: $153.00/$149.00

Spirit 5


Spirit 5

ACCELERITAS: Icebug's unstudded O-shoe. They have a very good cleat pattern that provides excellent traction. They are lightweight and very flexible. They would make excellent XC running shoes They are made on a women's last for UK sizes 3.0 - 8.0 (US women's sizes 5.5 - 10.5), and on a men's last for UK sizes 6.0 - 12.0 (US men's sizes 7.0 - 13.0).
   ACCELERITAS shoes: Men's Cat# 470, Women's Cat# 471 $72.25/$70.00.
   ACCELERITAS 2 shoes: Men's Cat# 472, Women's Cat# 473 $77.50/$75.00
   ACCELERITAS 4 shoes: Men's Cat# 474, Women's Cat# 475 $87.75/$85.00

Acceleritas 4


Acceleritas 4, Men's/Women's

ICEBUG makes many other models, including trail-running shoes and winter running shoes and boots. Most of them have studs. Ask us about them.

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